Marseille, the city on the sea in the south east of France, is the main boarding port in France for all cruises departing for the Mediterranean.

Even for those who depart from Italy, the stop in Marseille is a pleasant experience, where you can visit the bars and restaurants overlooking the port and sip a Pastis while you admire the surrounding landscape and the people who live there. Also called the ‘Porpoise City’, Marseille is France’s sunniest town, charming with its gullies you can swim in, its history, culture and restaurants with cosmopolitan cuisine. You cannot leave without having first toured on the “Cours Julien”, the street for shopping. The port of Marseille is perhaps a typical tourist destination, but it deserves to be visited for the ferry that leaves from the Town Hall and the old church, which replaced a Templar building.


Don't miss the following excursions during your cruise:

• Aix-en-Provence

• Avignon, the city of the Popes

• The discovery of Marseilles by bike

Unmissable shore excursions

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