Lima Callao

El Callao is home to the main Peruvian port and the largest airport in the country. From there, seamlessly, you access the capital, Lima.

In Lima, a megalopolis where a third of the Peruvian population lives, it is still possible to grasp here and there the traces of the ancient power and ingenuity of the Inca empire. The numerous city museums are available for a brief review of history, before entering into the actual archaeological sites, starting with the very famous Machu Picchu. While deciphering the unique microclimate, it is worth visiting the historic centre, with splendid architectural attractions, magnificent palaces of colonial and republican times, the large squares of San Martin and Mayor.


Not to miss during your South American trip:

• Palomino Island, kingdom of penguins and sea lions six miles from the Port of Callao 

• Miraflores, a modern neighbourhood that offers the best of Peruvian hospitality 

• Barranco, a neighbourhood favoured by Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa.