Laem Chabang

On your Far East cruise, you'll stop at the port of Laem Chabang. Laem Chabang port is the largest in the country, located just north of Pattaya.

What strikes us most, along with the beauty of its beaches, is the wild nightlife. The port of Laem Chabang was built in 1981 as a solution to the shallows of the old port of Bangkok, which could not allow high-tonnage ships to dock. Thus they were then re-directed to Singapore and Hong Kong. Today it’s the busiest port of Thailand and the goal is to become the largest shipping centre of the whole of Southeast Asia. That is where we dock during our Costa Cruise to Thailand. Don’t miss Pattaya Beach or Ban Saeng, also famous for stonemasons who sell their products. The area is full of small seafood restaurants.


Not to miss on your visit to Laem Chabang:

• Bangkok 

• Pattaya Beach