Kanazawa is a wonderful stop on our cruise in the Far East, where you can discover the history and traditional spirit of Japan

The Temple of Myoryu-ji, better known by the name Ninja-dera, is not a classic Buddhist temple: there are secret passages, mazes, traps for enemies... essentially it is a kind of fortress temple. Visit the Higashi Chaya district, which means coming into contact with a very important historical and cultural aspect of Japan: the Chaya houses, where Geisha welcomed their guests. Across the hills sprawls one of the natural wonders of Japan, the Kenrokuen Garden. Set aside some time to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art for the 21st century.


Not to be missed:

• Ninja-dera Temple

• Kenrokuen Garden, one of the three most famous of Japan

• The Higashi Chaya district, to understand the fine art of the Geisha