Our cruise to Brazil stops at the port of Itajai, south of the confederate state of Santa Catarina, right at the mouth of the river Itajaí-Açu.

Itajai is the second port of Brazil, for both container handling and fervent fishing activity. On the nearby island of Santa Caterina stands Florianópolis, originally baptised Nostra Signora dell'Esilio because it welcomed refugees from every part of Europe. Today it’s considered the city of Brazil with the best quality of life and, with its 100 beaches, is a very popular tourist destination. The municipality comprises 39 more islands. On the coast of"do Santinho" and on the island of "do Campeche" you can admire pre-Columbian rock inscriptions or the places of the first Azorean colonisations.

Not to be missed:

• Florianópolis and the islands of the archipelago