Hong Kong (China)

Formerly a British colony, now a special region of China, Hong Kong is an amalgam of cultures, traditions and religions that coexist, creating a unique and fascinating social fabric. 

The port of Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, was developed on the natural estuary of the Pearl River. It is here that every night, when it gets dark, the ‘Symphony of Light’ laser and music show is beamed from the city’s skyscrapers. The best place to watch it is the Avenue of Stars, in the Hong Kong harbour area. This show alone could be enough to make a cruise to Hong Kong an incredible experience, but the city has many more surprises in store for tourists travelling to the East. First of all, the atmosphere of its markets in the central district of Kowloon: Ladies' Market and the night life of Temple Street. To get the most out of the city's incredible skyline, take a shore excursion to Victoria Peak. Use the funicular built in the late 19th century to reach the top of the hill and take in the best view of the financial district, temples and port of Hong Kong.


Not to miss during your stay in Hong Kong:

• The Shurijo Castle and Park

• The Shikina-en Garden

• The Tsuboya Pottery Museum