Goa is the smallest state of India. Legendary crossroads, first of spirituality then of high society, the ancient capital of the Portuguese Indies will stun with its legendary beaches.

Since the 1960s, hippies have chosen Goa as a favourite place for exploring spirituality and drug use. Its 100 kilometres of coastline can be divided into North and South, where life in the north is more wild with rave parties, while in the south you can contemplate nature and relax. Palolem and Colva Beach are jewels of beaches in the southern area, but a visit should also be made to the Anjuna flea market and the Saturday night market in Arpora, where haggling is part of the fun.

Not to be missed:

• Panaji, the sleepy capital of Goa

• Querim Beach and Morgim to the north

• Uba Dando Beach in the south