Easter Island

When you reach Easter Island’s port of Hanga Roa (province of Chile), the only inhabited village on the island, you will immediately understand that you have arrived in a magical, magnetic and timeless place. 

Costa Cruises takes you on a cruise to South America, the wildest island in the Polynesian archipelago and a long way from the mainland. It is triangular in shape, with an extinct volcano rising from each extremity. The most striking crater is Rano Kau, as this is the site of the stone village of Orongo, a ceremonial site of the ancient peoples who lived on the island. On your Easter Island cruise, you will be captivated by the majesty and grandeur of the moai, towering stone statues scattered all along the coast and depicting the faces of ancestors. The largest and most impressive site is the fifteen sculptures of Ahu Tongariki. Due to the volcanic origin of the island the coasts are very jagged with cliffs overlooking the sea, and there are caves of sculpted rock formed after the most recent eruptions that you can visit on a really exciting shore excursion during a cruise to Easter Island.


Not to miss on your trip to Easter Island:

• Ahu Tahai and Ahu Akivi 

• The village of Orongo 

• Rano Raraku