Ideal for those who love to have fun and nature trips, Dublin, the capital of Eire, is also rich in art, history and traditions. Founded around the year 917 by Vikings and part of the British Empire, this country was the scene of many battles until its full independence in 1922. Let’s explore it together.

The City of Dublin is split in two by the River Liffey: the area to the south is characterised by historical monuments, cultural and tourist centres, while the modern city has developed north of the river. Saint Patrick's Cathedral is considered one of the landmarks of the city, and dates back to the 12th century. Of great charm are also the different Georgian neighbourhoods, built with the typical red brick and bizarre coloured doors, typical of Ireland. If you are passionate about literature and love libraries, visit the library of Trinity College, founded by Queen Elizabeth I, containing books dating from the 9th century. The most bustling area for youth and tourists alike is Temple Bar, where most of the pubs and attractions are located. "The Brazen Head" is the oldest pub in the capital, founded in 1688, always open and all customers are treated with great cordiality, which is a characteristic of the Irish people. For all beer lovers: don’t miss a visit to the Guinness Museum.  

Not to be missed:

  • The St. Patrick’s Cathedral, dedicated to the patron saint of the city

  • Historic pubs and clubs in Temple Bar

  • The Guinness Museum


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