Among the treasures of the Caribbean, Costa Cruises has chosen to take you to the magical capital of the island of Dominica. Also known as the 'Nature Island', Dominica is almost entirely covered with rainforests. 

The best port for a cruise to Dominica is that of the capital Roseau, a small town on the east coast of the island, surrounded by forests and the beautiful Trafalgar Waterfalls. In the past, ships laden with the slaves sold in the market square departed from the port of Roseau. Today Dominica is a different place to the one where Christopher Columbus first landed. The native Caribs live in the reserve in complete harmony with the English settlers, creating a unique cultural melting pot. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the wildest and most inaccessible part of the island, although during your trip to Dominica you can take a shore excursion to the Valley of Desolation and the Boiling Lake, a flooded volcanic fumarole that emits steam and gases and where the water reaches 90 degrees. Alternatively, Northern Forest Reserve is more accessible and is home to many species of birds.


Not to be missed:

• Visit to the boiling lake

• Whale and dolphin watching

• The south coast on a catamaran and snorkelling

Unmissable shore excursions

Some of the most beautiful moments you can experience on a cruise.