This lush green paradise, with long beaches and colourful backdrops shining from sea, is the Island of Jeju, South Korea.

Thanks to our Costa shore excursions, you’ll discover Jeju Island, a volcanic island rich in natural beauty. With approximately sixty caves and many beautiful waterfalls hidden between the subtropical vegetation, it has earned the title of the “Korean Hawaii”. The cave called Manjang gul, the longest volcanic cave in the world, is particularly notable. The Chŏngbang waterfall that falls directly into the sea is also impressive. You can also hike and go on interesting excursions to the mountains to reach the top of Mount Halla. For those who love diving, the Islands of Pŏmsŏm and Pamsŏm are great, but there is another way to observe the fish: just take a trip on a small submarine that departs from the port of Sŏgwipo and takes you to where marine fauna is most abundant.

• The Arboretum Yŏmiji

• Diving on the islets of Pŏmsŏm and Pamsŏm

• The cave called Manjang-gul

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