Cabo Frio

Cabo Frio is a bustling town 150 km from Rio de Janeiro. The stop in Cabo Frio is a must for its magnificent beaches, the most beautiful in Brazil.

Cabo Frio reached the peak of its commercial splendour thanks to the Portuguese. The Forte São Mateus is a perfect vantage point for the beach where fishermen beach their boats: it was built on the rock to defend the bay and the "farm of Amerigo Vespucci", where this seafaring man settled. The 200 km of beaches, as well as the lagoon of Araruama, make Cabo Frio a tourist destination par excellence, while Arraial Do Cabo and Saquarema are the domain of Brazilian surfers. Before climbing back on board, you must buy a bikini on Gomboa Street and, given the proximity, a trip to Rio de Janeiro is easy.

Not to be missed:

• The white beaches

• The Portuguese Fortress

• A trip to Rio de Janeiro

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