The Costa Cruise ship docks at the port of Bodø, where there are some wonderful attractions waiting to be discovered and admired on our shore excursions.

Situated on a peninsula Northwest of Norway, just below the Arctic Circle, Bodø will greet us with its beauty. Once arrived at the port, we can see the white-tailed eagles flying over the city. About thirty kilometres from the coast, we can witness the extraordinary spectacle of the mightiest maelstrom in the world, also the subject of a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Entering the city, if you are an art lover, you'll appreciate the products from local artisans, like the jewellery makers and glass blowers. Sea, mountains, the dynamism of city life: there are so many activities to enchant you.


Not to be missed:

• Saltsraumen

• Mjelle

• The Lofoten Islands

Unmissable shore excursions

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