Visiting Bari during a cruise holiday means exploring the old town for a journey through time.

Bari is the wonderful capital of Puglia and is built around the port, and the Borgo Antico is its mediaeval district characterised by narrow and winding streets. It is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the Mediterranean.

During the stopover in Bari visit the historic city rich in history, one of the most beautiful in Italy, and its surroundings, especially Matera, designated by UNESCO as the 2019 European Capital of Culture. “Bari Vecchia” is the old part of the city that, with its partly Norman and partly Swabian fortress, the Romanesque Basilica of Saint Nicholas built on the ruins of the Byzantine Palace, the 12th century cathedral of San Sabino and a dozen little churches of the same period, still bears the traces of conquerors who succeeded over the centuries.


Not to miss during your trip to Bari:

• The Basilica of Saint Nicholas of Bari

• Visit to the old town ‘Bari Vecchia’

• The Cathedral of San Sabino

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