The port of Arica is located in the north of Chile, just 18 km south of the border with Peru. Arica is the capital of the province, the driest in the world.

Arica is known as the city of eternal spring, thanks to its mild climate and its almost complete lack of rain, so much so that the cars don't even have wipers! The Humboldt Current makes the sea cold and this ensures reduced seasonal fluctuations in temperature, which never go too high. A few kilometres from the port of Arica is the Azapa Valley, an important archaeological site with over 10,000 years of history. The Museum of San Miguel de Azapata has the oldest mummies in the world. You can taste the famous olives of Azapa, a violet and bitter tasting variety. So, book your South America cruise now.


Not to miss during your stay in Arica:

• The Museum of San Miguel de Azapata