Welcome to Corsica, also called the Island of Beauty and its territory, a large part of which is protected in nature parks and reserves.

It emerges out of the waters of the Mediterranean that surround it like a great range of mountains, distinguished by its unique topography that has allowed the development of lush vegetation seen nowhere else. Close to Sardinia, the western Italian coast and French Riviera, is a crossroads for travellers who come here to discover unique and often pristine landscapes. Docking in Ajaccio during the cruise to Corsica, you immediately sense the harmonious union between the desire to preserve the natural biodiversity of the island and the desire to explore it as extensively as possible. Equipped for any activity, from mountaineering to diving, from birdwatching to boat trips, Corsica has a warm and friendly atmosphere and is revealed in its folklore and culinary traditions. During your stop in the port of Ajaccio, discover the restaurants ready to offer you cosmopolitan cuisine typical of the region. Hike to the Parata Tower or choose the best routes for you to get to know the Genoese city and the imperial one. With each step, you can see the vestiges of the glorious past of this area.


Not to be missed:

• The Calanques de Piana and the Bay of Porto

• The sightseeing tour and gastronomy of Ajaccio

• Turtle Park

Unmissable shore excursions

Some of the most beautiful moments you can experience on a cruise.