The World Tour cruise 2020

The cruise of the great oceans, a 113-day dream aboard the Costa Deliziosa is complete by 2020; but don't miss the chance to discover the exciting itinerary of 2021 full of news.

Special gift

To make your cruise around the world even more unique, a Drinks Package and a special selection of shore excursions will be included in the price!

Drinks Package

Package includes unlimited mineral water, soft drinks, beer and wine, at lunch and dinner in the Main Restaurant and the Buffet.

15 Shore Excursions

Selected from the best and the most popular among our guests, great tours for you to discover the finest of each continent.

Not to be missed

Discover the most beautiful places around the world that Costa can offer you!


A pause between nature and escape. At first glance, the island seems suspended in time: between the port with the colonial architecture and its 17th century plantations, this “small” island is the ideal place to escape from your daily routine.


Chile's northernmost city, just 19 kilometres from Peru. It is known as the city of eternal spring for its pleasant climate, beaches and the picturesque fisherman's wharf, where you can see pelicans and sea lions.


Valparaiso is said to be where you can eat the best seafood in the whole of Chile. Cuisine aside, the city is renowned for the graffiti covering most of the walls of the houses and for its bright colours.

Easter Island

On this extraordinary island you can enjoy many different experiences: try the maze of Moai statues inland, explore its archaeological sites by jeep or snorkel in a coral reef.

Bora Bora

With its 900 inhabitants, this Polynesian island in the South Pacific is among the most extraordinary places in the world, also known as the Pearl of the South Seas.


A beautiful and cosmopolitan city surrounded by the Blue Mountains. They owe their name to the blue mist, the result of the sun's rays illuminating dust and droplets of vapour in the atmosphere.


The Busan Tower is 70 metres high, with as many tree species that coexist in Yongdusan Park, the favourite place to relax for the inhabitants of the great Korean port city.


Known as "the Pearl of the Orient”, Shanghai is the largest economic metropolis in China and one of the modern international megacities.


A short distance from the city is the spectacular desert of Wadi Rum with the legendary Petra, a World Heritage Site and one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.


Perhaps the most famous attraction is the Baha'i gardens, with 19 terraces and fine artwork surrounding the beautiful sanctuary of La B'ab. Not to be missed is the panorama of the city.