Costa signs its ships

“LaFlotta” is the new typeface that celebrates the Costa values and history. Drawn by hand, expressing with elegance the names of our ships.

A new font



Inspired by the sea and based on Italian craftsmanship, the “LaFlotta” typeface is the result of a skilful creative process that started life on paper. The new signatures now feature on the prow of all our ships: Costa celebrates 70 years of unforgettable emotion.

To mark modernity

Costa Cruises has changed with the times over the past 70 years while remaining true to its values of hospitality, Italian taste and love for the sea. The “LaFlotta” font expresses these values with a fresh and contemporary look.

To mark a voyage

Characterised by soft and delicate lines, the letters reflect waves on the sea. A way to celebrate the passion for travel by sea which we share with all the guests who have travelled and will travel with us.

To mark excellent craftsmanship

“LaFlotta” is an italic or cursive font: the style that recalls the warmth of “made by hand”. The initial designs were created to reinterpret the tradition of painting the names of the ships by hand.

A first time "signed"

Really? You've never been on a cruise? So come and experience the "happiness squared" of a Costa holiday. Wellness, relaxation, fun and gourmet food: all the best Italian style from a unique view of the sea.