February Cruises

Set off in February with the Costa Cruises and discover the magic of a winter itinerary in distant countries: you pack and get on board, the rest we think.

Winter is the most beautiful season for escape city traffic and soak up the sun on a cruise to distant lands. In February, the Costa offer allows you to pack your bags and leave immediately to unmissable destinations, which we have chosen on purpose for the mild climate, the sun and that wind that awakens the desire for spring. Take a family holiday, a lonely relaxing route or a romantic Valentine's Day cruise aboard our most beautiful ships.

Be seduced by the most fascinating routes in the world: in February we take you with us to the pearl beaches of the Caribbean, where summer never ends. If you prefer to find a new perspective on the Mare Nostrum, we take you to the discovery of the Western Mediterranean as you can only see it at this time of year.

Choose your budget and leave with us in February for an unforgettable experience, or plan your year Costa Cruises choosing a holiday in March April or May.

February's best cruises

Leave winter behind and board our ships for an unforgettable Cruise. Explore all-inclusive offers for Costa February and board to the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Fancy leaving in Winter?

Don't wait for the good season: we'll take you there! The sun and sea of our winter destinations are just a few clicks away from you, for a memorable trip that you will want to repeat next year.

All February cruises

Don't wait for summer for relax: for cruise in February! Take advantage of the site's search engine for find the perfect Costa Cruises route for you and your family.