Winter Cruises

With Costa Cruises, summer doesn’t have to end!

A winter cruise holiday is a small yet great revolution. In the middle of the working year, escape the city routine and everything becomes more relaxed and easier. You can recharge your batteries and have a totally different perspective on New Year celebrations, which traditionally would include snow, cold and sales.

New Year in a bikini? Christmas dinner on the beach? The joy of your children watching dolphins at Christmas. With Costa Cruises you don't need to chase these dreams, just make them happen!

Our Winter Cruises offer fantastic destinations kissed by sun and beauty, mild temperatures and clear, warm seas where you can swim in freedom even in January. Just select the destinations that suit your taste.

There are so many offers to choose from, but may we suggest the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Maldives, Dubai and the UAE.

Take advantage of the Costa offers for Christmas and New Year or for Valentine’s Day to discover how each destination reveals a livelier, more colourful and engaging side at special times of the year.

Did you know, for example, that in Dubai on New Year's Eve the fireworks are set off from the top of the Burj Khalifa, the largest skyscraper in the world? And did you know it is the world’s most impressive firework show?

Travelling certainly broadens your mind and gladdens your heart, but it becomes pure magic during the festive periods. Celebrate New Year on board with your family, your friends or that special someone. Or set sail alone to embrace new things and make new friends.

Discover our Winter Cruises, month by month: November, December, January and February.

Prices, Offers and Promotions

Setting sail on a winter cruise can be a wonderful surprise. Costa Cruises offers a range of outstanding offers, dedicated to people who, like you, love travelling and enjoying the wonders of the world without making too many sacrifices.

  • Our All Inclusive format is ideal for worry-free relaxation: menus with choice of special dishes, room service 24 hours a day, breakfast in your cabin, and performances and talent shows on board designed to provide entertainment and amusement for your evenings.
  • If you love adventure and like deciding at the last moment, even if you’re spending the festive period away from home, choose one of our Last Minute offers: the cost-effective way to enjoy every comfort.
  • Costa Cruises also offer a range of Travel Packages, that allow your comfort and relaxation to begin even before boarding. You can choose the plane, coach or train to combine with your trip to bring you to the cruise port of departure. And for special needs or difficulties, ask the Costa Cruises team: they will find the solution best suited to you.

Discover the Winter Cruises, depart from Bari

Discover the Winter Cruises, depart from Abu Dhabi

Discover the Winter Cruises, depart from Civitavecchia/Rome

Winter shore excursions

The Costa team have carefully considered how to ensure you get the very best from your cruise, not just in terms of comfort and relaxation on board, but also for fun and the thrill of discovering unique destinations on land.

You can easily book the shore excursions that appeal to you from the list in the programme which are well suited to different types of cities and the geographical characteristics of each location.

Snorkelling, safari, forest tours and island exploring, shore excursions to waterfalls, sampling typical foods: these are just some of the activities you can choose to get in touch with the local cultures and life.

Tours generally last several hours and are also a great way to make friends with your fellow passengers.

Of course, the Costa Cruises shore excursions are not mandatory, you are free to do what inspires you most, you can remain on the ship and take your cue from the daily tips you find in the logbook.

Really? You've never been on a cruise?

Discover the taste of a holiday at sea

All holidays should bring serenity, smiles and relaxation, but only on a Costa Cruise does happiness multiply, because you see it in the eyes of the people you love.