Autumn Cruises

Autumn. The most romantic season. When sea, sky and earth put on their grand finale show of the last splendours before their winter slumber. A magical season for a cruise.

There are so many reasons to dream of a holiday in the autumn. The desire to relive some of the summer scenes still fresh in your memory, the longing for a rejuvenating break before facing the winter or the simple lure of a secret location that only reveals its charms in this particular season.

But why content yourself with dreaming, when there’s the reality of a Costa Cruise? In the autumn you can set sail at any time with some excellent terms and enjoy the best of your favourite destinations away from the peak tourist season.

Short and long itineraries, from the Arabian desert to the North Sea, from the cities of the Mediterranean to the islands of the Indian Ocean: there’s never a dull moment on a Costa Cruise.

Some examples? Eastern Mediterranean (Venice, Bari, Athens, Greek Islands), Western Mediterranean (Naples, Corsica, The Balearics, Genoa, Rome, Sardinia, Sicily), Dubai United Arab Emirates, Northern Europe (Hamburg, Amsterdam, Le Havre, Kiel, La Coruna, Lisbon), Indian Ocean (Madagascar).

The Autumn Cruise is not just a luxury holiday at a reasonable price. It is a magnificent opportunity to relax and have fun with your family, friends or that special someone. Or alone, because aboard a Costa ship you're never alone, always surrounded by a carefree atmosphere, with endless social opportunities and indulged by the constant attention of the on-board personnel.

Now all you need to do is dream: the alleys of Venice await you, with the suggestive autumnal light like on a film set, the undulating dunes that frame the Dubai skyline, the piazzas of Rome and the Naples waterfront, the Amsterdam canals, the Lisbon hills, the ecological oasis of Madagascar.

What are you waiting for? Let’s set sail Browse our Autumn Cruises, month by month: September, October, November, December.

Prices, Offers and Promotions

Departing for an Autumn Cruise is, first of all, an off-peak holiday and you can therefore choose between a range of fantastic destinations with some really tempting deals.

Costa Cruises has designed several solutions, all available and customisable based on your needs.

  • All Inclusive is ideal for those who want a holiday without thinking about anything, with service available 24 hours a day and all the comforts offered by the ships and Costa Cruises staff.  From the dinner menu to drinks, from entertainment to activities, everything is organised in great detail.
  • Another option for your Autumn Cruise is the Last Minute offer. An economical holiday that doesn’t compromise on comfort, allowing you to live a wonderful adventure in your dream destinations. Recommended if you are a traveller who leaves the door open to serendipity and is not afraid to pack a case and go at the drop of a hat.
  • Our Travel Packages are designed for those who have to reach their cruise departure city by coach, plane or train. What makes them ideal? Because everything is synchronised to perfection: the relaxation of your holiday begins even before you embark.

Discover the Autumn Cruises, depart from Savona

Discover the Autumn Cruises, depart from Venice

Discover the Autumn Cruises, depart from Bremerhaven

Shore excursions in autumn

Amazing autumn! While you relax and enjoy the sea view, enjoy a pampering and wellness treatment in our spa.

But this is just an advance. Because a Costa cruise is Happiness Squared! In fact, after the enchantment of sailing offshore, immersed in the wonderful on-board comfort, there is the thrill of landing in a new port with all the opportunities for recreation, culture, fun and sports that the Costa shore excursions offer.

Imagine the spectacle of the Straits of Messina during a trek on the slopes of Etna, Vesuvius mirrored in the Gulf of Naples, the fun of a tour of Barcelona on a Segway, the languid atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon seen from the vaporetto, a leap back in time at the archaeological sites on the Red Sea, the 4x4 adventure in the Wadi Rum Desert framed by the dawn sunlight, the incredible sensation of floating on top of the water in the Dead Sea – the lowest depression on the Earth's surface.

But don’t tire yourself out too much: on board, the Costa Cruise evenings await you, full of attractions and temptations!

All the Costa Cruises shore excursions are totally optional and take place in one day. As well as an opportunity for personal enrichment, they represent a wonderful opportunity for socialising with your fellow passengers.

Really? You've never been on a cruise?

Discover the taste of a holiday at sea

All holidays should bring serenity, smiles and relaxation, but only on a Costa Cruise does happiness multiply, because you see it in the eyes of the people you love.