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    Easter Island

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    Sightseeing, Cultural

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One of the unresolved mysteries of our planet 4,000 km off the Chilean coast - the great monoliths of Ahu Tahai and Ahu Akivi on Easter Island survive through the centuries emanating a magical yet enigmatic strength.

What we will see
  • Ahu Tahai: three ahu with seven moai
  • Ahu Akivi: 7 moai platform

What we will do
  • Our excursion takes us to discover the island and its monolithic treasures - the moais.
  • Short walks will take us to admire the most interesting sights of the island.
  • Our fist stop is Ahu Tahai, a site dating back to the 7th century b.C. and restored in 1967-68 by archaeologist William Mulloy, whose ashes rest under a small headstone in the southern part of the complex.
  • The site is home to three ahus, i.e. stone platforms, supporting seven enormous monolithic heads called moais. The large solitary moai with no hair is located at the centre of the first platform, the second ahu has a moai with hair and disturbing round eyes, while the third ahu supports 5 moais of various shapes and sizes.
  • We then continue towards Ahu Akivi, a large platform that supports seven large moais. It is the only platform facing the sea instead of the centre of the island and, during the equinoxes, the seven statues face the sunset, meaning the site was perhaps of astronomical importance.
  • The mystery may never be unveiled but what is certain is that our visit to these archaeological site, a perfect example of incredible human skill already in remote times, will leave an indelible impression in our memories.

What you need to know
  • Do not forget to bring a hat and sun cream, bearing in mind the latitude.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and to bring a waterproof jacket in the case of unexpected bad weather.
  • The itinerary may be subject to change.