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We will immerse ourselves in Fijian culture, discovering some of the local customs in the Pacific Harbour Arts Village, a reconstructed town where local legends, traditions and dances are kept alive.

What we will see
  • Pacific Harbour 
  • Arts Village 
  • Fire walking 
  • Traditional dances 
  • Chief's Bure 
  • The largest Bure Kalou (temple) in Fiji 
  • Exotic tropical gardens

What we will do
  • Our coach will take us towards Pacific Harbour, a place that aims to keep local legends, traditions and dances alive, and we will pass some of Fiji's typical villages, mountains covered in tropical rain forest and flat pastures. Our destination is the fascinating Arts Village of Fiji, the world famous artificial village that doubles up as a shopping centre and cultural centre where the local traditions and original culture are given new life. 
  • Our arrival will be announced by the echoing of a hollow drum beaten by a local warrior, whilst we are welcomed into the village to the sound of shells and singers performing the island's typical serenades. 
  • Our guides will take us to the centre's amphitheatre where we will attend a spectacular show by Fiji's fire walkers and the fascinating Arts Village group. 
  • From the comfort of our seats, we will see the past come back to life before our eyes, whilst the artists demonstrate their mysterious skill on the flames. Whilst the old sing songs, the young remove burning logs from a smouldering hole, lighting up the incandescent stones and signalling the start of this ancient ceremony. The stones are covered with green leaves and marsh. The walkers then pass over them in single file whilst the leaves emit steam, and then they move away without incurring any burns. 
  • Next, a group from the Arts Village of Fiji will put on a spectacular performance for us, showing us their traditional dances and bringing myth and history back to life with absolute professionalism. 
  • In this decidedly unconventional setting on this island steeped in mystery with its waterfalls, jungle, the heavily guarded Chief's Bure (the traditional Fijian house that is still under restoration) and the largest Bure Kalou (temple) in Fiji, we can then stroll around the exotic tropical gardens brimming with ferns and palm trees that provide some pleasant shade. 
  • We can choose whether to enjoy music from the island's serenade singers or explore the Arts Village on foot with our guide, exchanging a few words with the village's inhabitants and seeing some art and craft demonstrations. 
  • Before heading back to the coach, we will have some time to visit the souvenir shops and buy some unique gifts to take home.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available. 
  • Some coaches are not air conditioned.