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    Cultural, Tasting

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Description A tour discovering the traditional flavours of the Chilean land, with fertile valleys in the heart of the desert, farms producing oil, and fruit and veg markets, where we can sample the local products and drinks such as Mango Sour and experience traditional dances and handicraft stalls.

What we will see
  • Fertile Azapa Valley
  • Stop at a farm: irrigation system and tasting of different types of olives
  • Handicraft market: typical Chilean objects
  • Local fruit and veg market
  • Main square and surroundings (free time)

What we will do
  • We will leave the port by coach and head to the fertile Azapa Valley, a green oasis in the Atacama desert, around 10 km from Arica. The landscape in this valley is truly unique. It consists of a series of highly cultivated areas and is renowned for the production of high-quality oil. The valley is fertile thanks to the water from San José de Azapa river and there is an interesting series of small, ancient farms built in the immediate vicinity of mills.
  • The first olive trees were brought here by the Spanish conquerors, which gave rise to one of the most famous varieties of oil known as 'azapena'.
  • We will visit one of the farms in the valley, where we will be shown the irrigation system used and we can try various types of olives.
  • Our tour will then continue with a trip to the handicraft market with several shops selling a wide variety of products, including typical Chilean products, woollen clothes, ceramics and wooden objects.
  • Then we will return to Arica and visit the local fruit and veg market, walking between the stalls and seeing products from the Azapa and Lluta valleys. Here we will have the chance to taste the famous Mango Sour, a delicious drink made from pieces of mango, a fruit that is available all year round, while local artists perform traditional dances around us.
  • Before returning to the ship, we will have some free time left to visit the main square and surroundings on our own.

What you need to know
  • Wheelchair users may participate in the tour with the assistance of a personal chaperone or one from the ship.