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    Lima Callao

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    Sightseeing, Cultural, Meal included

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Description An unforgettable excursion exploring the city of Lima in a different light: at night, all illuminated monuments provide a unique and magical setting and this is particularly true for the capital’s historic centre, with its main square Plaza Mayor and surrounding buildings. The highlight of the tour is a romantic candlelit dinner in the famous Casa Aliaga, immersed in an atmosphere of times gone by.

What we will see
  • Historic centre of Lima, UNESCO World Heritage Site: Plaza Mayor
  • Important historic buildings: Archbishop’s Palace, City Hall and Government Palace
  • The Cathedral of Lima and Francisco Pizarro’s tomb
  • Romantic candlelit dinner at Casa Aliaga
  • Evening tour in the Miraflores district

What we will do
  • We will leave the port by coach as the sun goes down to embark on our evening tour of Lima, the fifth largest city in Latin America, considered one of the most charming by many.
  • Our first stop is the historic city centre, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, and Plaza Mayor, its bustling main square. Also known as Plaza de Armas and dating back to the Colonial Period, it is the most important and picturesque square in the city. In the middle of it we can admire the magnificent bronze fountain decorated with zoomorphic elements and dotted with beautiful cherubs.
  • The square is surrounded by the city’s most important historic buildings that symbolise Spanish colonial rule and will amaze us with their majesty. They include theGovernment Palace, City Hall, Archbishop’s Palace and the Cathedral of Lima, a symbol of Catholicism dating back to the early 16th century. The white building features various architectural styles and two huge spiral twin towers that are visible from every point in the city centre. Inside it lies the tomb of famous Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro, who founded the city.
  • We will leave the Plaza Mayor area and head to the main destination on our evening tour, the elegant Casa Aliaga, where we will be served a romantic candlelit dinner. The building was constructed on land allocated in 1535 to Jerónimo de Aliaga, one of Pizarro’s followers and co-founder of Lima, and his descendants have lived there for 16 generations.
  • When we arrive, we will immediately notice the entrance with a large wooden balcony above it from the Republican era and the interior courtyard (zaguán), embellished by a fountain. As we enter, we will see the staircase with balustrades, which leads to the upper gallery with beautiful columns.
  • The inside is enchanting, with period furniture dating back to the 16th to 18th century, plus statues, colonial paintings and French porcelain.
  • The current owners will offer us a warm welcome and we will sit down for dinner in an almost fairy-tale setting and sample delicious antipasti accompanied bycocktails, followed by three courses with wine, coffee, tea and the unmissable Pisco to finish.
  • After dinner, we will still have some time before we return to the ship to continue to admire Lima by night.
  • We will pass through the Miraflores district, the most picturesque and popular area in the city, with an endless array of bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, nightclubs and fashionable venues.
  • On the way back, as we approach the port of Callao, there is still time for a last glimpse of Lima at night, with its colourful lights and the moon reflecting on the ocean.

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