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Description An incredible journey back in time around the streets of Pompeii, where ancient Roman features remain intact preserved through the centuries by the fury of the volcano, followed by a walk around Sorrento, a gem on the Gulf of Naples with its picturesque streets and ancient decumani (east-west oriented roads) filled with shops: this excursion offers an exceptional look at life in Campania over the centuries!

What we will see

  • Visit to the Pompeii archaeological site
  • Forum and Temple of Jupiter
  • Street of Abundance
  • House of the Ancient Hunt and House of the Faun
  • Guided walking tour of Sorrento
  • Piazza Tasso and Sedil Dominova
  • Cathedral and Church of Saint Francis
  • Free time in the city centre

What we will do

  • We leave the port of Naples headed to a classic destination of global interest: the fabulous Pompeii, an ancient Roman city completely buried under a blanket of lava and ash during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D.
  • We visit the exceptional archaeological digs which began in the 1700s and resumed in the past century and which have brought to light finds of inestimable value that are the source of admiration by visitors from all over the world.
  • Our excursion starts at Porta Marina, through which we access the Forum, the centre of political and economic life of the city. The area is dominated by the Roman Temple of Jupiter, built in around 250 B.C. in honour of the king of the gods, and the Basilica, the most imposing public building in Pompeii,which was used both as a court of law and as a place for conducting business negotiations.
  • We then walk along the Street of Abundance, Pompeii’s lower decumano, still richly decorated and therefore one of the most vibrant routes on the tour of the ruins. Along this street we can see many of the most beautiful houses that belonged to the rich bourgeoisie of Pompeii, some of which have two floors.
  • We admire the House of the Ancient Hunt where the typical 'atrium' structure and refined paintings are testament to the owner's high social status. We also visit the House of the Faun, a private noble dwelling that owes its name to a bronze statue in the centre of the impluvium.
  • The excursion also includes a stop at a famous factory that carves coral and cameo items which we can admire for their exquisite details and superb workmanship as these true works of art.
  • We then reach the famous Sorrento, the most beautiful and famous of the towns on the peninsula and one of the gems of the Gulf of Naples.
  • Our walk to discover Sorrento begins in Piazza Tasso, home to a statue depicting the famous Sorrento poet Torquato Tasso, and continues along the streets and ancient decumani livened up by the many shops selling all kinds of goods.
  • We reach the Sedil Dominova, which accommodated part of the Sorrento aristocracy who were engaged in administering the city for approximately five centuries.
  • We then admire the Cathedral,built over the remains of an ancient Greek temple, and the Church of Saint Francis with its adjoining cloister and gardens from where we behold the splendid panorama of Marina Grande, Sorrento's own fishing port.
  • We end the excursion with some free time available to continue admiring the beauty of Sorrento and maybe wander around the shops looking for souvenirs before returning to the ship.