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    Sightseeing, Nature excursion

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Description Along the western coast between Göteborg and the border with Norway there is a whole world made up of enchanting islets, traditional fishing villages and extremely lively harbours and locations: this unmissable tour offers a taste of all this and takes us to discover the cities and villages of Kungälv, Klädesholmen and Skärhamn in a lovely colourful setting that is a true wonder of nature.

What we will see

  • City of Kungälv and Västra Gatan with typical colourful wooden houses
  • Tjörnbron bridge to Tjörn island: numerous fishing communities
  • Klädesholmen fishing village: herring production
  • Skärhamn village and Nordic Watercolour Museum

What we will do

  • We start our tour along the coast heading north towards the city of Kungälv, located on the estuary of the river Göta and made famous by the historical peace meeting between the three Swedish kings in 1100.
  • We cross this enchanting city along Västra Gatan, a characteristic road flanked by typical colourful wooden houses and listen to the narration illustrating the history of these places, of their kings and various battles.
  • The itinerary then continues north-west towards the North Sea. A short coach transfer takes us across the Tjörnbron bridge connecting the island of Tjörn with the mainland and where many fishing communities live.
  • The first stop on our tour takes us to the picturesque fishing village of Klädesholmen, famous all over Sweden for its herring production which started off stored in containers and small barrels towards the end of the 1800s.
  • Nowadays, almost half of the pickled herrings in Sweden comes from Klädesholmen, where there is also a small herring museum. The village is made up of two small islands and it is a truly enchanting place with its wooden red and white painted houses, a harbour and many fishing boats.
  • We continue across this lovely island as far as another characteristic fishing village nestled among the rocks and directly overlooking the North Sea: Skärhamn. With its 3000 inhabitants, it is the main settlement on the island. The walk along the pier towards the commercial harbour is truly wonderful.
  • The village of Skärhamn is also famous for its Nordic Watercolour Museum which is built on stilts among the rocks smoothed by the water and characterised by large windows overlooking the surrounding sea. Inside, the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions are dedicated to international watercolour artists and it also features a research and teaching centre for watercolour techniques.
  • At the end of the visit, we return to Göteborg and the ship.