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Description An excursion that takes us on a journey back in time to retrace the history of Sweden from the Iron Age, when the Scandinavian peninsula was already inhabited by the Nordic peoples and whose traces are still found in the Fjärås Bräcka cemetery, to the beginning of the past century, with the amazing Tjolöholm in perfect Tudor style and featuring many modern elements.

What we will see

  • Fjärås Bräcka glacial formation, Iron Age cemetery with ancient gravestones
  • Elizabethan Tjolöholm castle: Tudor façade and Art Nouveau interiors
  • Free time to visit the garden and exterior

What we will do

  • We start our tour by reaching Fjärås Bräcka, a 4 km-long ridge formed as the ice retreated between 12,000 and 13,000 years ago and now one of the country’s most impressive and important glacial formations.
  • Fjärås Bräcka is famous for its Iron Age cemetery located on the edge of its ridge featuring hundreds of ancient gravestones. From here we can also admire amazing views of the surrounding scenery.
  • Our itinerary continues to a magnificent peninsula in the Kungsbacka fjord, location of the marvellous Tjolöholm castle, built between 1898 and 1904 by James Fredrik and Blanche Dicksond in a perfect Elizabethan style on a design by the architect Lars Israel Wahlman. Before entering the castle, our guide provides us with some general information on the building and its fascinating architecture.
  • While the façade presents typical 16th-century and Tudor elements, the interior is a splendid example of Art Nouveau and William Morris style.
  • Despite the many fireplaces, the building is heated by a hot air pipe system. The three bathrooms were, at the time, equipped with showers and sunken bathtubs and the property had its own power generator, making the project very modern.
  • After visiting the interior of the castle and before returning to the ship, we have some free time available to explore and admire the amazing garden and exterior.