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    Cultural, Tasting

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Description An excursion to discover a true archaeological jewel of Ancient Greece, where the Olympic Games were born, and to appreciate the scents and flavours of this land overflowing with history.

What we will see

  • Ancient Olympia: (external visit)
  • Modern Olympia
  • Tasting

What we will do
  • In Olympia a guide awaits us who will lead us in our discovery of this ancient sacred city, full of temples, monuments, priests' houses, athletes' homes and public buildings. A gem set in a valley crossed by the River Alfios in the north-west Peloponnese, the city held the famous Olympic Games in honour of Zeus every four years. Here in 776 BC, a list of winners was drawn up for the first time, presumably the results of the very first Olympics in history.
  • Let's delve into the past and discover the little secrets of the competition, which was first accessible only for male athletes of Greek origin and was later opened up to young Romans. Perhaps not everyone knows that women and slaves were banned from the town, the sanctuaries and the terraces, at the risk of a terrible death by being thrown from a nearby cliff.
  • We continue our excursion in Olympia, where we can delight our palate with tasty local products to the cheerful, haunting notes of the Sirtaki, a typical dance of folk origin.

What you need to know

• The Olympia archeological site will only be seen from outside.?