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A sensational trip centring around the ocean and all its wonders, with a fabulous boat ride to the stunning Kujuku islands and a visit to the enchanting aquarium, where the incredible sea is lit up with light effects and music, then a final stop for some shopping.

What we will see
  • Park on Mount Yumihari: breathtaking views of the sea
  • Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort
  • Boat trip between the Kujuku islands
  • 'Umi-Kirara', Kujukushima’s aquarium
  • Spectacular jellyfish and all kinds of fish
  • Stop at a souvenir shop

What we will do
  • The first stop on our excursion is the park at the top of Mount Yumihari, where the viewpoint offers breathtaking views of Sasebo bay and the southern Kujuku islands.
  • We will then head to Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort, a seaside location boasting various tourist attractions for us to enjoy, such as boat trips, an aquarium, restaurants and souvenir shops
  • We will board a boat and sail around the Kujuku islands, dotted along the spectacular rugged coast. From the deck we can admire unrivalled views dominated by the emerald green lush vegetation that meets the cobalt blue sea and the light blue sky.
  • Then we will visit the incredible Kujukushima Aquarium “Umi-Kirara” where we can observe a wide variety of marine creatures that inhabit the surrounding seas.
  • We will be enchanted by the 'Jellyfish Symphony Dome', one of the largest jellyfish exhibitions in Japan. We watch these fascinating creatures as they float illuminated by rays of sunlight to the sound of delicate music in the background.
  • Among a show of sea horses, crabs and dolphins, we reach the huge outdoor tank, home to 13,000 creatures of around 120 different species. The sun hits the surface and penetrates to the bottom creating the illusion of being underwater thereby revealing the underwater world in all its glory.
  • At the end of the excursion we will head to a local souvenir shop where we can indulge in some shopping before returning to the ship.

What you need to know
  • English guides available in limited numbers, we recommend that you book early.