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    Cultural, Shopping, Meal included

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Description A unique experience to truly delve into Qatar’s culture: we visit the characteristic souq Waqif only to delight our palates and minds at lunchtime as we discover the welcome of a *majlis (sitting room) as well as all the traditions and ceremonies that characterise it.

What we will see
  • Souk Waqif
  • Lunch in a majlis
  • Etiquette and initial greetings
  • Coffee ceremony
  • Clothing and lunch
  • Relationships and relation with the locals
  • Free time to shop in the bazaar

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us on a coach and reach Souq Waqif, the capital’s charming bazaar built over a century ago where we can still take in the authentic atmospheres of the past.
  • It is crossed by wide roads flanked by cafés and restaurants that, on the side roads, give way to a myriad of little shops managed exclusively by men where you can find truly anything: ceramic and fabric, spices, Arab sweets, candied fruit and traditional clothing as well as the classic souvenirs.
  • When lunch time comes, we get ready for a cultural and culinary experience - a true journey into Qatar’s typical traditions: why is everyone dressed in black and white? Which is the most appropriate way to greet people in Qatar? How do you make friends with the locals?
  • To find out the answer to these and many other questions, we enter a traditional majlis, a space created in private homes, a large sitting room open all day and most of the night where men of the house welcome relatives, friends, guests and even passers-by. To fully understand the value of a majlis which, in a tribal society such as the Qatar one, serves multiple functions from the resolution of family disputes and the spreading of knowledge to exerting political influences, we take in the coffee ceremony. The beverage is traditionally served to guests after the first greetings.
  • In order to make the experience even more realistic, we can wear traditional clothes and learn how a meal is consumed in a majlis, which generally features typical dishes, dates and dried fruit as well as coffee and tea.
  • After this incredible experience, we return to the lively souk where we have some free time available to explore the bazaar and indulge in some shopping before getting back to the ship.

What you need to know
  • We recommend wearing clothing is that is suitable for the culture of a Muslim country
  • We recommend asking permission before taking photos of the local population and authorities, especially of women and elderly people.