• Port

    San Antonio/Santiago de Chile

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    Sightseeing, Meal included

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  • Shore excursion code


  • An unmissable excursion for wine fans and connoisseurs alike, along the wine route throughCasablanca Valley, renowned across the world for producing exquisite wines.

What we will see
  • Casablanca Valley
  • Indomita wine estate
  • Tour of the cellars and wine tasting
  • Estancia El Cuadro wine estate
  • Tour of the cellars and wine tasting
  • Lunch on the estate

What we will do
  • We will leave San Antonio by coach and immerse ourselves in the wonderful Casablanca Valley, the heart of Chile's wine producing tradition, which boasts the ideal conditions to create an excellent product: the right climate, good soil organoleptic qualities and select grape varieties.
  • On the journey, we will admire the stunning views and get ready to discover the secrets of wine making, which were brought here from European countries with older traditions and manipulated to produce a modern, unique and popular style.
  • Our first stop is the Indomita wine estate, where we will be welcomed by experienced staff who will take us on a guided tour of the cellars to illustrate the wine making and storing process. A red and white wine tasting session is the perfect end to our visit.
  • We will then move on to the Estancia El Cuadro estate, a state-of-the-art facility where the past blends harmoniously with the present.
  • We will again have the opportunity to visit the cellars, learning all kinds of interesting facts, and taste some of the estate’s most prestigious wines.
  • At the estate, we will also be offered a delicious lunch whilst we are entertained by a traditional dance performance.
  • Before heading back to the ship, we will have some free time to visit the estate shop where we can buy a special souvenir such as a bottle of fine wine, a lovely grape-scented beauty cream or just browse.

What you need to know