Beautiful and spectacular nature landscape, Kanmon Strait highlight & Seafood Gourmet(CH)(with lunch)

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    Sightseeing, Cultural, Meal included

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You will visit the beautiful natural scenery and enjoy the free time of shopping. This trip takes you to go 2 main sites and 1 DFS shop. After departure from the port, the first destination is Akiyoshi-dai Plateau. This is the largest limestone karst plateau in Japan.The vast lands of the Akiyoshidai Plateau are dotted with limestone pinnacles, presenting a landscape rarely seen in Japan. The plateau was a coral reef an estimated 300 million years ago, and the karst topography that we see today is the result of the gradual dissolution of limestone by rain through the years. Akiyoshidai's spectacular nature landscape is also known for its different seasonal appearances: fresh green in spring and summer, reddish yellow in autumn and white from fallen snow in winter. The second destination is Karato Market, here is retail outlets where the general public can get their hands on inexpensive, fresh seafoods, vegetable and flowers, and called the local “kitchen” where it is crowded every day. Kamon Wharf is next to the market, many gift stores and commercial facilities here. During the lunch time, you could enjoy the lunch use local seafood, just like fried fugu fish or sashimi. Last, we will cross the Kanmon Bridge which linking the islands of Honshu and Kyushu over the Kanmon Strait, go to a big Duty Free Shop. Inside of shop, you could find cosmetics, health products, electrical appliances, jewelries, watches, Japanese technology products, and also local souvenirs. Some staffs can speak Chinese, you could enjoy shopping and they will be very patient to explain the goods let you enjoy the warm hospitality without any language barrier. After shopping, you will go back to the pier.