Kanmon Strait Highlight & Shopping (CH)

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    Sightseeing, Cultural, Lunch not included

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Description You will experience the unique customs and beautiful scenery of both sides of the Kanmon Strait and enjoy free time for shopping. This trip takes you to go 3 main sites and 1 DFS shop. After departure from the port, the first destination is Akama shrine, Located here is the vivid vermilion Suitenmon that is styled after the Dragon King’s Palace face the beatiful blue Kanmon Strait view. It is dedicated to the child emperor Antoku who committed suicide by drowning after the defeat of the Heike at the final battle of the Genpei War. On the site, there is a treasure museum that contains valuable items related to the Heike. The 2nd destination is Karato Market, here is retail outlets where the general public can get their hands on inexpensive, fresh seafoods, vegetable and flowers, and called the local “kitchen” where it is crowded every day. Kamon Wharf is next to the market, many gift stores and commercial facilities here. Last, we will cross the Kanmon Bridge which linking the islands of Honshu and Kyushu over the Kanmon Strait. The total length is 1,068m and it is one of the largest 6-lane bridges in the Orient. You could take a photo stop and have a view of Kanmon Strait from here. Last, we will go to a big Duty Free Shop. Inside of shop, you could find cosmetics, health products, electrical appliances, jewelries, watches, Japanese technology products, and also local souvenirs. Some staffs can speak Chinese, you could enjoy shopping and they will be very patient to explain the goods let you enjoy the warm hospitality without any language barrier. After shopping, you will go back to the pier.
What you need to know

Japanese new year holiday(1/1 to 1/7), shrine's religious activities event day. The shrine couldn’t accept foreign tourist, another candidate tour site should be available to arrange for this tour.