Kagoshima(satsuma peninsula) & shopping(CH)

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    Sightseeing, Shopping, Lunch not included

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Description You will take a glimpse of the beautifull scenery of Kagoshima satsuma peninsula, and enjoy free time for shopping. Your tour will start with visiting Terukuni-Shrine, this is the most popular place for hatsumode (the first shrine visit of the New Year) in Kagoshima prefecture, and Shimazu Nariakira (the 11th lord of Satsuma Domain) is enshrined here. Then drive to satsuma peninsula, visit Chiran Samurai District and beatiful Lake Ikeda. Giant eels live within the lake. They can measure up to two meters long and 60 centimeters in diameter. Along the shore, rape plants (nanohana in Japanese) bloom in the winter from December to February, which makes for a lovely picturesque sight in full bloom. After that, you have free time for shopping In DFS. Then lastly, you will go back to the pier.

What we will see
  • Volcanic island of Sakurajima
  • Arimura Lava lookout
  • Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park: thermal footbath
  • Tenmonkan district

What we will do
  • We board a ferry which takes us to the volcanic island of Sakurajima, symbol of the city of Kagoshima, dominating the sea with its mountain often topped by a smoke plume indicating the magmatic activity that never sleeps.
  • We stop at the Arimura Lava lookout on the southern side of the peak, Minami-dake, on the top of a hill in a lava field that formed after a big eruption in 1946.
  • From here, we enjoy a 360° view of the volcano, the rugged lava field dotted with pine trees and Kagoshima bay.
  • We then head to the Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park and its 100-metre-long thermal tub used for footbaths. We immerse our feet in the hot waters gushing from 1,000 metres underground and boost our energy levels by admiring enchanting scenery, Kinko Bay and the Sakurajima volcano behind us.
  • After returning to the city on our ferry, we end our excursion with some shopping in the Tenmonkan district where we can purchase a few souvenirs or enjoy some delicacies such as the shirokuma slush and typical Kagoshima ramen.

What you need to know

Japanese new year holiday(1/1 to 1/7), shrine's religious activities event day. The shrine couldn’t accept foreign tourist, another candidate tour site should be available to arrange for this tour.