Miyako's Best Tourist Attractions w.Lunch (CH)

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This tour takes you to the best places of Miyakojima Island.

You visit Irabu Ohashi bridge which is the Longest Toll-free Bridge in Japan.  “Irabu Ohashi Bridge” finally Opened in 2016.

After passing bridge, you will drive pass the Sawada no Hama . It is a popular scenic site in Irabu Island, where numerous rocks laid at beach, forming unique landscape.

Afterward, you will stop at “Toori-ike Pond” which  deeply attracts you with its mysterious atmosphere.The pond with such a unique, irresistible presence is designated as national scenic beauty and national natural treasure.  Two big open mouth holes on the spacious plateau of rugged Ryukyu limestone hold cobalt blue water quietly and solemnly.Its blue black color makes you feel like being absorbed into the water or even eerie, which might have created some legends including “yunaimata (mermaid) legend” and “stepchild legend.”

The Ryugu Observatory which is one of the unparalleled view spots of Miyakojima. It is located on the Kima island and is carrying out appearance of the "Ryugu castle" literally.

At the last, you will stop at shopping center before returning to the ship. During this tour, Ryukyu Style Japanese Set Menu is included.