Nature Sightseeing & Shopping

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Description Nature Sightseeing & Shopping

What we will do
In this half day tour, you will visit northern scenic point and shopping center.
Nishi Hennazaki is the cape point located in the northern tip of Miyako Island. “Nishi” means “West” in Japanese, but the point is located in north. In Okinawan dialect ‘nishi’ means north, and that’s why the point called Nishi Hennnazaki. There’s an observatory on the highest spot of the point, from where one can see Ikema Bridge and Ikema Island. Miyakojima Kaichu Park is where visitors enjoy the underwater world of Miyako Island without getting wet. There are 24 acrylic panels allowing visitors to observe the marine life such as tropical fish or octopus up close. Before going back to the ship, you will have time for shopping at local shopping center.