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An inebriating tour between art, olive groves and vineyards, discovering one of the most famous wine regions of Sardinia: from Dolianova to Serdiana, to appreciate the strong and ancient bond that unites the wine in the Sardinian territory, not only from the landscape point of view but also of the tradition.

What we will see

  • Dolianova: Vineyards, Olive groves, Church of San Pantaleo and the Old Mill 
  • Serdiana: Products of Sardinian, Argiolas Winery, local wine tasting and tour of the city

What we will do

  • Once we will leave the port you will go by bus to Dolianova, city of the province of Cagliari which is in an area full of olive trees and vineyards. 
  • We will visit the Church of San Pantaleo, a building of Romanesque – Pisano style and of great artistic interest, dating from the XII –XIII century. It was considered as the first Basilica of the ancient region of Dolia and inside you will be able to admire a baptismal font of the IV century. 
  • The tour will continue with the visit of an Old  Mill, formerly used for traditional olive oil production.
  • After the Tour of Dolianova, the second stage of the journey will take us to discover the small town of Serdiana where we will visit the winery Argiolas, which produces some of the most famous and award-winning wines of Sardinia and brings together the most representative wine producers of Sardinia. 
  • During the visit to the winery, we will go through underground tunnels with very high vaulted rooms where weather conditions are ideal for wine production. 
  • In the end, we will have the opportunity to taste typical Sardinian products accompanied by a glass of red and white wine. Before returning to the ship, we will make a tour of the city.

What you need to know

  • Places are limited, so please book early.