Cruises to the Norwegian Fjord

Are you on the fence about your cruise destination and looking for a different kind of holiday? The Norwegian Fjords are what you are looking for: a spectacle of nature, between fairy tale and poetry.

A protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Norwegian Fjords are a masterpiece of mother nature: sea inlets that sneak into the coast, sometimes for several kilometres, flooding the valleys that were once occupied by glaciers.

Norway is the "land of the fjords" because its western coast offers a concentration of them without equal in the world: a spectacle of raging waterfalls, monoliths of ice, imposing mountains and mazes of rock overlooking the sea.

Each Fjord offers different scenery: there are over a thousand and you will be spoilt for choice. Among the unforgettable cities that we can visit on our cruise, we propose four: Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim and Ålesund.

What is the best time for a holiday in the Norwegian fjords? Surely the summer, when nature lives its fullness and the magic light of the midnight sun illuminates one of the most remote and pristine regions of the planet, allowing lucky travellers to experience magical emotions.

Itineraries, Ports and Stopovers

A Costa Norwegian Fjords cruise is an unforgettable experience. Not only for the priceless spectacle of rugged coastline, which constitutes its iconic attraction: the hinterland, with its history and ancient culture, is equally fascinating.

And what about the typical picturesque hamlets? Nestled like gems in the gorges carved out by the sea, or surrounded by majestic mountains: the legacy of the era of the Vikings, these villages have remained virtually unchanged through the centuries and attract visitors from all over the world.

Our itinerary for discovering Norway will take you to real wonders, like the colourful houses of Bergen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or the cathedrals of Tromsø, known as the "Paris of the North".

Would you like to learn about Norway and its fjords as a traveller, not just a tourist? Then come away with us.


The docks at the port of Bergen in Norway are a UNESCO World Heritage site due to their historical value. The colourful houses that dot the landscape are reminiscent of a fairy tale. A walk on these wet magic shores is absolutely mandatory.


"Paris of the North", Tromso welcomes you in an enchanted atmosphere of Nordic saga. Among its treasures, the majestic Arctic Cathedral, the beautiful modern architecture, and Mount Tromsdalstiden, which is a fantastic ride by cable car away.


Natural and architectural treasures: Trondheim is a postcard of Norway, of which it was the capital until 1217. Today it is vibrant and dynamic. Don't miss a walk in the old town and a visit to the ancient Cathedral of Nidaros.


It is hard to resist the charm of this Liberty-style jewel nestled amidst primordial nature. Before you get lost in the awe-inspiring fjords and cliffs overlooking the sea, enjoy a plate of Pinnekjøtt accompanied by a brandy!

Norwegian Fjords Shore Excursions

The Norwegian Fjords offer endless possibilities for Shore Excursions and activities include landscapes of incredible variety and places where time seems to stand still.

You can choose a tour by kayak or in dinghy, trekking the mountains and then tasting of local produce in the hinterland. We recommend embracing all of the activities on offer, because they are the direct way to discover masterpieces of mother nature and centuries of history, a story told by unspoilt landscapes, folk traditions and stretches of sea once ploughed by the Vikings.

Even the City of Norwegian fjords has a story to tell: archaeological sites, picturesque buildings, museums, are as many testimonies of a culture that just begs to be known and appreciated. On a Costa Cruise, every shore excursion is an opportunity for enrichment: what are you waiting for?

Prices, offers and promotions

You can choose from a wide range of offers for your Norwegian Fjords cruise.
Depending on the time of year, Costa Cruises offers you formats such as All-Inclusive and Last Minute, which can be customised with different combinations of Travel Packages, depending on your requirements.

  • All Inclusive is ideal for those who want a holiday without thinking about anything, with 24/7 service and all the comforts that the Costa Cruises ships and staff can offer. From the dinner menu to drinks, from entertainment to activities, everything is organised in great detail.
  • With our Last Minute offers, you can enjoy a wonderful experience amongst the most beautiful cities of the Norwegian Fjords, at a truly reasonable price. Who do we recommend this for? For travellers who are not afraid to pack their suitcase at the last minute and head off on an adventure to new destinations.
  • Our Travel Packages are designed especially for those who need to travel to their cruise departure city by bus, plane or train. What makes them so useful? Everything is organised in great detail.

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