Baltic Sea Cruises

Book your cruise to the Baltic Sea and travel between the capitals of North Europe with Costa Cruises!

Discover Nordic beauty from a privileged point of view, the Baltic Sea: ancient North Capitals offer a magical and evocative spectacle. Discover them on one exciting journey, a Costa cruise.

The metropolises of the Baltic Sea are characterised not only by their location on the sea, but also by their different architectures, monuments and of course, their ports.

From Germany, the Baltic Sea tour begins with the port of Warnemunde, from here you can immediately reach Danish culture and head to the ancient merchant city of Copenhagen. The cruise continues in the Latvian part of Riga and the Estonian part of Tallinn.

The most distant metropolises of the Baltic Sea from Germany are Russia's St. Petersburg, Finland's Helsinki. Idyllic experience in the Swedish metropolis of the Baltic Sea Stockholm. During a cruise in the Baltic Sea you can visit some of these cities in a short time, enjoy the well-being on board and have fun.

Saint Petersburg

Russia's main cultural centre, the magnificent St. Petersburg was founded by Tsar Peter the Great. Large parks and historic palaces, the residences of the Tsars and the wonderful Hermitage Museum are just a few must-see of the city.


Helsinki owes its charm to its incomparable seaside location. At the heart of the country's cultural life, the Finnish capital is a large metropolis that preserves beautiful examples of neoclassicism in the Senate square.


Estonia's brisk capital overlooks the Baltic Sea, a city with an illustrious past and a fascinating atmosphere. Noble and fortified, the charming mediaeval centre is one of the most beloved and best known places along with the folklore museum.


The Swedish capital is spread over fourteen islands and boasts one of the largest mediaeval urban hearts in Europe. In summer and winter, Stockholm offers an unusual face of nature and culture.


An ancient merchant city with an unmistakable seafaring atmosphere, the Danish capital is a harmonious blend of modern and traditional architecture: picturesque houses with sloping roofs alternate with buildings with the most modern design.

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