Eastern Mediterranean Cruises

Would you like a journey through culture and leisure? The Eastern Mediterranean awaits you for a cruise to the roots of our civilization, against the backdrop of nature with dazzling beauty.

Discover the Eastern Mediterranean, depart from Venice

Discover the Eastern Mediterranean, depart from Bari

Itineraries, Ports and Stopovers

When is the best time for a cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean? During the summer months, to enjoy the long sunlit days, or off-season, to appreciate the less obvious aspects of this beautiful region, when the climate remains pleasant, but the tourist crowds are less? It’s a difficult choice, but there’s no wrong answer.

The meeting point of three continents and countless peoples, the Eastern Mediterranean was one of the most important historical crossroads of humanity. Between its shores grew the Hellenistic civilization, which gave birth to Western culture. Its islands and inlets provided the stage for crucial events, but also an ideal setting for the birth of myths and legends.

Where to start? To explore everything, we would need to cruise for years, like the journey of Odysseus. But to help you discover the history and legend that characterizes the Eastern Mediterranean, and appreciate the incomparable beauty of its landscape, we have chosen an itinerary that includes the following cities: Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Venice, Dubrovnik.

The Costa Cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean is an incomparable experience. What about a journey that begins in Venice, one of the most fascinating and popular cities on the planet, and passes by Athens, one of the oldest and most unusual?

Between the two queens, do not disfigure the Dalmatian cities of Croatia on the border with Montenegro: a must still to be discovered.

After you are spellbound in front of the sophisticated charm of Venice, and taking in ancient temples and archaeological parks, enjoy the magic of Aegean Sea, wandering amongst the beautiful islands, white pearls set in the blue of the sea.

Are you ready for a journey to the origins of our civilization? Come aboard.


The Parthenon is definitely the most representative symbol of a city and a culture that founded the classical concept of beauty. And the spectacle of the Acropolis lit up at dusk is a priceless experience.


Delight your senses, as you sample the moussaka with a glass of Retsina in a typical tavern, and smell the bougainvillea as you stroll through Little Venice, with its colorful wooden balconies overlooking the sea.


On this beautiful island, the clear harmony of colors instantly stands out: bright white houses, the crystal blue sea, the anthracite black lava beaches. Not to be missed, a visit to the archaeological site of Akrotiri.


Sensual, sophisticated, decadent, romantic, poignant. Venice is a wonder unique in the world. Take a gondola ride along the dense network of canals, or explore on foot, getting lost among streets and squares marked by centuries of history.


"Pearl of the Adriatic", as Lord Byron called it, Dubrovnik on the Dalmatian coast, sheltered from the bora and sirocco winds. Untouched nature, lush flora of maritime pines and uncrowded beaches make it a popular destination.

Shore Excursions

Every shore excursion in the Eastern Mediterranean offers unforgettable experiences. Few routes in the world offer such a concentration of iconic locations in total harmony with nature of incredible variety and beauty.

You can admire Dubrovnik’s Old Town, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO; feel like an ancient Athenian on the Hill of the Pnyx which in 507 BC became home to the first form of democratic Government in the world; lose yourself in the dreamy landscapes of the Greek Islands; soak up the atmosphere of the streets of Venice between a gondola ride and a spritz like the locals in a characteristic ‘bacaro’.

Even rocks without name, in the Eastern Mediterranean, have a secret to be revealed and a legend to tell: how can you choose just one? On a Costa Cruise, each shore excursion is a date with beauty that’s not to be missed!

Prices, offers and promotions

You can go for a Costa Cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean anytime, taking advantage of a full and varied range of offers. Depending on the season, Costa offers you several options, including All-Inclusive, Last Minute, Travel Packages to choose from, depending on your needs.

  • All Inclusive It is perfect for those who seek a carefree holiday, with an available service 24 hours a day, endowed with all the comforts that the ships and Costa Cruises staff can offer. From the dinner menu to drinks, from entertainment to activities, everything is organized in great detail.
  • Last Minute option enables you – at a super cheap price – to enjoy an experience of pure pleasure amongst the most fascinating destinations in the Eastern Mediterranean. To whom is it recommended? For those travelers who love the serendipity to leave at the last minute for new discoveries.
  • Travel PackagesInstead, they are packaged for those who must reach the city of departure of the cruise via bus, plane or train. Why are they suitable? Because everything is synchronized perfectly.


Do you dream of the emotions of a trip to the Eastern Mediterranean but only have a few days left?

Don't give up and book your minicruise - ideal for a sweet break from routine.
Costa Cruises offers you routes of 3 to 5 daysat reasonable prices, including everything that makes a holiday memorable.

Versatility is one of the strengths of Costa Cruises: for this, every time travel deals include ports and different locations, always surprising. For example, an Eastern Mediterranean Minicruise that will take you to Venice, Bari and Dubrovnik.

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Do you long for all the excitement of an Eastern Mediterranean tour but only have a few days available? Don’t give up, book your minicruise - the ideal solution when you want to get away from it all, just for a little while. Costa Cruises offers you routes of 3 to 5 days at reasonable prices, including everything that makes a vacation memorable.

Really? You’ve never been on a cruise?

All vacations should bring peace of mind, smiles and relaxation, but happiness multiplies on a Costa Cruise, because you see it in the eyes of the people you love.

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