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Start imagining your cruise to the Azores Islands. Discover the beauty that lurks in the Atlantic Ocean and go on holiday with Costa Cruises!

Lakes, volcanoes and fishing villages are the main features of the Azores Islands, archipelago of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The volcanic beauty of these 9 Islands make them a dream destination!

Discover the charm and mystery with a cruise to the Azores Islands with Costa, your holiday will begin with a stop in Praia da Vitoria known for its volcanic origin and isolated location immersed in the Atlantic Ocean. Start again with the navigation for get to Funchal where you will expect beautiful natural bays nestled within perched cities.

The beauty of the Azores archipelago lies in the uniqueness that each island presents: the clear lagoons and the immensely colourful hydrangeas of San Miguel in Ponta Delgata, the high and rocky coasts of Teceira, the volcanoes of Pico and Fajal, the plains and waterfalls of Flores , the windmills of Graziosa, the mountains, the sandy beaches and the pretty villages of Santa Maria, the wild nature of Corvo and Sao Jorge.

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Ponta Delgada

On the largest island in the archipelago off Portugal, the placid city contexts contrast with the lush nature that surrounds them. Dive with dolphins in the sea of Ponta Delgata!


Natural bay and city perched in the mountains, this is the favolosa Funchal! A veritable earthly paradise of the Azores Islands where an atmosphere of tranquillity will overwhelm you.

Praia da Vitoria

Charm and mystery of the Azores: the rugged beauty derived from its volcanic origin, the isolated location in the heart of the Atlantic.

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