Adriatic Sea Cruises

Depart with Costa Cruises to discover the Adriatic Sea, unique with the poetry of the landscape, the beauty of the hinterland, rugged and sweet, and charming cities rich in history and tradition.

The Adriatic Sea, with its position cut out from the main Mediterranean basin surprises you with its variety of its coasts: predominantly low and sandy on the western side, trap of lagoons to the north between Grado and the Po Delta, rocky and jagged on the eastern side and in particular on the Dalmatian coast.
All the islands, over 1100, edge with a dense archipelago on Croatian territory. The only exception, the Tremiti Islands, off the coast of Gargano.

The first explorers to ride the waves of the Adriatic Sea were the Greeks of the Mycenaean civilisation, almost 3500 years ago. From the Po Delta to Gargano, to Dalmatia you can find traces and testimonies that go back to the time of the Trojan war and evoke the worship of the Greek hero Diomedes.

Our Costa Cruise to the Adriatic could be summed up as a journey through history and legend from Italy to Greece via the Dalmatian coast of Croatia and Montenegro. So much history, if we think that these waters were, for over a thousand years, dominated by Venice: a domain which was more than just territorial, with a strong influence on art, literature and European architecture until 1700.

What is the best time for an Adriatic Sea cruise? Although the mists of the lagoon winter have a definite European appeal, we recommend a departure between April and November to fully appreciate nature softened by a mild climate. But now, no talking.

Our ship is setting sail. The Adriatic Queens await: Venice, Split, Bari, Athens

Itineraries, Ports and Stopovers

A Costa Cruise to the Adriatic Sea is like discovering the treasure in your back yard.

A journey that starts from Venice,with its decadent and mysterious atmosphere which makes the lagoon city unique and leads us to admire the Mouths of Kotor, Fjord of the Mediterranean, the hills of Split, where the names of the neighbourhoods still speak in Italian, the charm of Bari Vecchia.

As we set sail south east, we approach the Aegean Sea. On the horizon appear Kefalonia and Corfu. The colours become even sharper. The cobalt blue sea, the dazzling white of the houses, the red of the setting sun, the anthracite black of volcanic beaches. And there, finally, Athens, Piraeus, the Acropolis.

We can't wait to see the wonder in your eyes: are you ready to go?


Sensual, sophisticated, decadent, romantic, poignant. Venice is a wonder unique in the world. Take a gondola ride along the dense network of canals, or explore on foot, getting lost among streets and squares marked by centuries of history.


One of Croatia's most beautiful cities, where sea and history form an unbreakable bond. From its port begins a tour that takes us back almost 2000 years, starting with the famous palace built by Diocletian in 295 AD.


Bari is the Levantine capital of Italy. Its old town is rich in Romanesque churches, Byzantine palaces and Norman monuments. Be sure to visit the basilica of San Nicola, the Cathedral of San Sabino and of course Bari Vecchia.


Athens, magnificent and mysterious, was the cradle of Western thought and culture. History and myth, but much more too: beyond the symbolic Parthenon and the Acropolis there is a modern city that boasts Europe's largest port, Piraeus.

Shore Excursions in the Adriatic Sea

We bet that you'll fall head over heels with Costa’s Shore Excursions to the Adriatic Sea.

For an easy win, let's start from Venice: do you sprprefer a romantic gondola ride through the canals, a scenic tour of the lagoon, or a serendipitous stroll through the districts. Few destinations in the world offer elusive emotions like the City of the Doges.

From the ancient port of Split, experience the beauty of Medjugorje; especially for those who love sailing! In Athens we admire the Acropolis and Cape Sounion and don't forget the nature and cultural just waiting to be discovered beyond the Corinth Canal up to the ruins of Mycenae. In Bari, let's dispel a common misconception: the old town, known as Bari Vecchia, is a magnificent tour of medieval flavour.

But these of course are just a few examples of itineraries to be enjoyed on a cruise to the Adriatic Sea: come with Costa and discover them all!

Prices, offers and promotions

You can set sail on a Costa Cruise to the Adriatic Sea from April to November, taking advantage of a full and varied range of offers. Depending on the time of year, Costa offers you several options, including All-Inclusive, Last Minute and Travel Packages: choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • All Inclusive is perfect for those who want a holiday full of everything without having to think about anything: you choose the cabin you want, ask for breakfast in your room and decide what time dinner is. With our Beverage Packages, you can enjoy the pleasure of a drink at any time of the day. And the cabin personnel are at your disposal 24/7.
  • The Last Minute option enables you to enjoy an experience of pure pleasure amongst the most fascinating destinations in the Adriatic, at a truly reasonable price. Who do we recommend this for? For those travellers who love the freedom to leave at the last minute, for undiscovered destinations.
  • Our Travel Packages are ideal for those who need to travel to their cruise departure city bus, plane or train. Why are they convenient? Because everything is synchronised perfectly.

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