A Mediterranean cruise with Costa offers complete itineraries to discover historical ports and landscapes of timeless charm, visiting sites where ancient populations have flourished over the centuries.

The clear, cold, sharp light will accompany us on our way to Northern Europe. Embark on a unique experience through rocky labyrinths, where glaciers meet the sea and small, colourful villages welcome us like in a fairy tale.

Sea, beaches and relaxation ashore and aboard, local music venues and the aroma of Caribbean food. We head towards “treasure island”, full of good humour and shining sun.

Head for Dubai and discover the beauty of Arab music and dance between the charm of the desert, with its ancient traditions, and the futuristic landscape of gleaming skyscrapers.

The Latin rhythm grips us when we go ashore and follows us on board where you’ll find local artists and succulent food you can taste in recipes created by our Chefs. 

If you are leaving for a transatlantic cruise, you already know that you’re not only a tourist, but you’re retracing the routes of the ancient navigators with the spirit of a modern-day Columbus, discovering new and exotic worlds. 

One voyage, several continents: discover the different stations and find out what's new. The oceans await you!