December cruises

December is the ideal month for start with a Costa Cruise. Put under the tree the holiday you have always dreamed of and give yourself the best Winter itineraries selected for you.

Christmas in a bikini and New Year's Eve on a sunny beach? Start for a Costa cruise in December: we give you unique experiences all year round, even in Winter, for realise your dreams on the most magical days of the year.

Christmas Eve with dolphins at the Caribbean? Or maybe a New Sunday made of lights and pure energy along the sun-filled coasts of the United Arab Emirates?

Leave now and give yourself the most beautiful Christmas present: all you have to do is set your budget, choose your date and itinerary, and get on board. We take care of your comfort and fun.

And if December is not enough for you, with Costa Cruises you can really leave as much as you want. Embark for a cruise experience like you've never seen before in January, February, and March. We're waiting for you on board!

Best December Cruises

Escape the traffic of the city and embark on a Costa minicruise for unplug plunged into the luxury and comfort of our ships. Set out for dream destinations such as Caribbean, Dubai and the UAE.

Fancy leaving in Winter?

Fill up with sun, sea and tan with Costa offers think for Winter. We have selected for you paradise destinations at irresistible prices, for an experience to repeat next year!

All December cruises

Looking for the perfect winter itinerary for december? We have what for you do: use the site's search engine and find your next Costa cruise, the perfect gift for the whole family.