Cruises for Young Adults: a Holiday With Friends!

Every hour of day and night, pure fun.

Costa is the for young cruise where fun never sleeps. The day starts early, if you didn't get too late in the disco the night before. When the alarm goes off you just have to decide what to do. Race on deck at dawn for arrive hungry at the breakfast buffet or slow awakening with cappuccino and brioche in the pool late in the morning, so you're ready for onboard activities.


The animation offers you many initiatives and games, along with sports and fitness for keep you in shape even on holiday.


The adventure continues on the ground, choose your ideal excursion from the more than 2,500 you have available!


The fun on board is also virtual: you'll have the wonders of Costa, such as the 4D Cinema , the exciting Grand Prix simulator for challenge your friends


And when the appetite rises, after a tantalising aperitif on the deck with friends, let yourself be enveloped by the atmosphere of the on-board restaurants for a dinner with flakes. There are traditional ones, in buffet, the Pummid'Oro pizzeria, and if you're looking for unusual dining experiences you can try the peaceful fusion menu offered in Samsara restaurants or, on Costa Diadema, the delicious Japanese restaurant Teppanyaki Table. And it's not over... theatre performances and live music.


Ready to take a selfie while you're dancing? With on-board Wi-Fi, you can send the photo to your friends at home right away. And if you're feeling lucky, you can tip the casino. As you can see, there is no day equal to the other during a Costa holiday!


Ibiza famous for its fascinating sunsets and fun evenings. Plan your cruise with your group of friends and get ready for a memorable holiday.


Between sea and movida Mykonos is the perfect holiday for singles on a cruise. The Sea of Cyclades is wonderful and the beaches are no less, with the pleasant peculiarity of being amongst the most festive in the archipelago.


In day the cliffs on the island of Santorini shine with the gleaming white of the houses, night instead, the famous island of Greece is ready to unleash an explosion of colours and fun.


Miami is the international icon of the perfect style and nightlife for those who have fun makes their favourite holiday. Plan your cruise to Florida's coolest resort and set off with Costa.

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