Despite the wounds of a long war, Vietnam has managed to preserve the ancient traditions of its own culture. Our Costa cruise to Vietnam explores the southern central coast of the country, docking at Nha Trang port. Although less known than Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Nha Trang, which owes its fame to two Po Nagar cham towers, is definitely the undisputed queen of Vietnamese beaches. Not far behind is the eclectic Dam market, which will be worth devoting some time to. A feast for the eyes during the cruise to Vietnam is also the Long Son pagoda, with its mosaic roofs depicting dragons, and the white Buddha, sitting atop a staircase of more than 150 steps from where it watches over the entire city. Chinese pagodas, modern skyscrapers and colonial-style buildings coexist in Ho Chi Minh City. We stroll through the stalls and, through authentic tastes and flavours, we discover the soul of Vietnam. Among the pagodas spread around the city, Giac Lam is the most interesting.

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