Uruguay is a small country but with a much higher quality of life than other South American states. A destination for a nice cruise, it has a strong European flavour left by the Portuguese conquerors.
Our trip to Uruguay starts along the East coast of the Rio de la Plata, before reaching Montevideo, guided by the lighthouse of Punta Carretas. The old part of the capital, the ciudad vieja, is interesting for its market in the Port. Costa Cruises sets sail from here to reach another fantastic destination: Punta del Este, the Uruguayan Monte Carlo. This peninsula washed by the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean conquers us with its beautiful beaches, where we relax in the shade of palm trees, we stroll by the sea, admire the original sculpture shaped like a hand sticking out of the sand. We can invigorate ourselves in one of the many hot springs around the country.

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Uruguay has an enormously important historical, cultural and natural heritage. 

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