Trinidad and Tobago

While very close to each other and surrounded by the wonderful Caribbean Sea, Trinidad and Tobago are very different from one another. It is the pace of life that marks the difference and makes them ideal for a nice cruise.
In Tobago the pace is slow, governed by the cycle of the sun, in small fishing villages like those of Charlotteville and Speyside where, on a great dive, we find incredible black coral and huge sea sponges. The heart of Trinidad, though, is Port of Spain, rich in vitality and much more populated than Scarborough, the capital of Tobago. In Port of Spain, where we dock on our cruise, everything bears the mark of colonisation. The buildings, in fact, have a nineteenth-century flair and feature the Magnificent Seven: seven colonial buildings including Stollmeyer Castle, a pinch of Scotland in the Caribbean. The city is very dynamic and this is where the main events of the Caribbean Carnival are celebrated on the island.

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