Russia is the world's largest territory. East of the Ural Mountains lies the immense Siberian steppe, while to the West are some of the most beautiful cities in Europe. During the cruise to Russia we dock in St. Petersburg.
The opulence and richness of the Russian Empire knew no equal. With our cruise we are fortunate enough to visit the magnificent collections of the Hermitage Museum, then the stately Winter Palace and from there walk along Nevsky Prospect, the main avenue of the city. A few kilometres from Saint Petersburg is Pushkin, the site of Catherine Palace, named after the wife of Peter the Great, which was the summer residence of the imperial family built in Rococo style. Walking down the long corridors and immersing ourselves in the luxury of the rooms we can relive for one day the glories of that era, which are also found in the Peterhof Palace, the summer residence of the Tsar.

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Saint Petersburg

Costa Cruises takes you to Northern Europe, this time on a cruise that stops in St. Petersburg harbour directly at the court of the Tsars. The magnificence of the historical centre will not leave you unmoved.

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